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Scene 15: 16 year old girl was raped who was kidnapped from outside of her house.

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Scene 15: ‪#‎Repost‬ from @ravimishraindia

A group of people sit on top of the bridge where a 16 year old girl was raped who was kidnapped from outside of her house in the evening as she was returning from a local shop after buying a matchbox.
After being convinced by a NGO working in the area the family of the girl filed a case in the police station and are waiting for the final judgement. For now, the accused is out on bail.

@ravimishraindia my pictures of India’s scenes of rapes, as a contribution to @therapeinindiaproject

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Scene 14 – Woman, 77, raped and beaten by rickshaw puller in Rohini, New Delhi.












A 77-year-old woman was raped and beaten up by a rickshaw puller in Outer Delhi’s Rohini area, very close to K N Katju Marg police station. A bypassed found the victim, badly bruised, early in the morning. Her two sons had spent the night looking for her when she didn’t return from a visit to her sister’s house. A 22 year old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime. March 2011.

Accordingly to the National Crime Records Bureau, 93 women are sexually assaulted everyday in India. The conversation, unfortunately, remains superficial and fixated on blaming victims. Introspection about our social attitudes and structures, especially, access and design of public spaces, is almost entirely missing.

Scene 13 – 24-year-old woman was drugged and gang-raped by two men in a moving car.












A 24-year-old woman was drugged and gang-raped by two men in a moving car before being dumped near the Nehru Place flyover in #NewDelhi. The crime came to light when an auto-rickshaw driver spotted the woman wandering in an intoxicated condition. As she looked dishevelled and was not able to speak properly, the driver suspected the woman might have been sexually assaulted. He immediately called the police to report the matter. September 2014.


Scene 12 – 17 year old girl gang raped by three men in south Delhi













A 17 year old girl was gangraped by three men in south Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave. The incident took place around 8.30 p.m at night. According to the police, the men, who were known to the girl, raped in a parked car. October 2013.

Scene 11 – Businesswoman Gang raped by Two Men at Her Office












A 27-year-old businesswoman was gangraped by two men at her office located in the Vardhman Premium Mall in #NewDelhi Pitampura area. The accused had come to her office on the pretext of booking some tickets. After their initial conversation, they proposed to share a drink together, to which she agreed as the two were known to her. As the evening passed, one of the accused secretly mixed some sedatives in her drink, following which she lost her consciousness. The two men then gangraped her in the office after locking it from inside. A medical examination of the victim has confirmed rape and that the victim had been sedated before being raped. Both the accused have been arrested and charged. November 2013.

Scene 10 – Nurse Raped in Five Star Hotel












A 28-year-old nurse was raped in south #newdelhi five star Oberoi hotel, whilst she cared for the hotel owner’s 80 year old wife. One of the accused was the ailing woman’s personal cook, police sources added. In her complaint, the nurse – who hails from Tibet — said the two accused had sexually assaulted her previously but she had kept silent since the accused had threatened to kill her. August 2014

Scene 9 – Woman raped by a 28 year old police constable.


A woman was raped by a 28 year old police constable in Delhi’s Saket sector 7. The woman, a widow, first came into contact with the accused when she made an emergency call to the police. He arrived to make an investigation after which he began to repeatedly call and stalk her. After some weeks the officer approached the victim proposing friendship, which she turned down. The officer continued to stalk the victim until one evening when she was alone, he forced entry into her house, thrashed her and threatened to implicate her son, who lives with her, in a case if she did not allow him to rape her. June 2014.