Scene 17: 25 year old trafficked and alleged rape by Doctor.












A 25 year old Sikkimese woman was allegedly trafficked to Delhi on 20th Feb 2015 and raped by an AIIMS doctor at Gautam Nagar area of Hauz Khas, South Delhi on 26th Feb 2015. The woman who is a wife of a Gorkha Regiments Jawan posted in Rajasthan was brought to Delhi on the pretext of a job at a beauty parlour. Police sources said the accused is 27 years old and a native of Hyderabad who has been living at a rented accommodation for the past one year. Total of 5 accused have been arrested on last Friday and police are investigating whether they had brought other women to Delhi as well and forced them into prostitution.

@fpicturesq is posting India’s scenes of rapes, as a contribution to @therapeinindiaproject

Please follow @therapeinindiaproject and get involved by posting pictures of sites close to you using ‪#‎therapeinindiaproject‬ ‪#‎rapeinindia‬ along with a link or other information about the crime. More info:

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