Scene 16: 10 year old allegedly raped by her neighbour.












A 10-year-old child was allegedly raped by her neighbour inside a servant quarters on Pandara Road, #NewDelhi on Sunday evening on May 25 2014.
The photograph is from another similar servant quarter on Pandara road not the actual site.

@ravimishraindia is posting India’s scenes of rapes, as a contribution to @therapeinindiaproject

Please follow @therapeinindiaproject and get involved by posting pictures of sites close to you using ‪#‎therapeinindiaproject‬ ‪#‎rapeinindia‬ along with a link or other information about the crime. More info:

‪#‎humanrights‬ ‪#‎documentary‬ ‪#‎photojournalism‬ ‪#‎sexualassault‬ ‪#‎violenceagainstwomen‬ #rapeinindia ‪#‎women‬ ‪#‎gender‬ ‪#‎socialchange‬
‪#‎globalstories‬ ‪#‎endassault‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎makecitiessafe‬ ‪#‎safetyforwomen‬ ‪#‎asia‬


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