Scene 6 – Woman allegedly raped in 5 star hotel car park.













A 22-year-old woman alleged that she was gang-raped in the parking area of the 5 star Ashoka Hotel, in spite of security guards strictly manning the parking area. The woman claimed that her neighbour had asked her to come along with him for a job interview at the hotel. On the way she was given a cold drink laced with sedatives. Becoming unconscious her neighbour and his associated then allegedly gang raped her. The victim further said that after raping her, the accused had also reportedly threatened her of dire consequences.

Poulomi Basu is reposting her pictures of Delhi’s scenes of rapes, part of @therapeinindiaproject (originally posted at @opensocietyfoundation).

Please follow @therapeinindiaproject and get involved by posting pictures of sites close to you using #therapeinindiaproject #rapeinindia along with a link or other information about the crime. More info:

Alternatively, you can email us you at along with some information or link about the crime and we will post the picture.


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