Nirbhaya Two Years On.









According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 93 women are sexually assaulted everyday in India. The conversation, unfortunately, remains superficial and fixated on blaming victims. Introspection about our social attitudes and structures, especially, access and design of public spaces, is almost entirely missing.

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Nirbhaya assault and murder victim. This event shocked India and the world beyond but, despite this outrage and others, nothing has changed. To remind ourselves of the promises we made on this day, two years ago, when a young woman returning home from a movie was mutilated and murdered, Poulomi Basu is reposting pictures of Delhi’s scenes of rapes, part of @therapeinindiaproject (originally posted at @opensocietyfoundation).

Please follow @therapeinindiaproject and get involved by posting pictures of sites close to you using #therapeinindiaproject #rapeinindia along with a link or other information about the crime. More info:

Alternatively, you can email us you at along with some information or link about the crime and we will post the picture.

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